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About N-CORE

N-CORE is an easy-to-use, web-based information system based on the rules and procedures of the NATO Codification System (NCS), according to the NATO Manual on Codification Specifications "ACodP-1". It supports all national and international codification processes, and enables decentralised database maintenance. N-CORE consists of a core system covering codification tasks and a wide range of other Business Models and Workflows to increase productivity, effectiveness and efficiencies, as seen in our interfacing of Legacy Systems.

N-CORE significantly improves the quality, productivity and cost-effectiveness of your material codification process. Material manufacturers (military and civil) can also use the system's web interface to participate in the codification process. N-CORE is used in numerous NATO, TIER 2 and TIER 1 countries, as well as in the Public Sectors.

ESG has over 18 years of experience and N-CORE is implemented in over 20 countries across the Globe. The N-CORE team uses its extensive expertise to continuously and aggressively improve our services to develop new features and services that crosses over into additional Added Value to our Customers' User Experience.

Don't wait until your competitors have the Technological Edge. N-CORE has and will continue to reinvent the Market Place. Allow N-CORE to assist you in reimagining your Total Supply Chain - today.





N-CORE NG bug fixes of Open Source libraries

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