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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it possible to use Oracle 12c for N-CORE NG?
    Yes, Oracle 12c can also be used for N-CORE NG.

  2. Is it possible to use another database apart from Oracle for N-CORE?
    Our experience shows that Oracle is currently the best database on the market for Material Codification.

  3. Is it possible to run LINUX as the operating system on the database server?
    Yes, LINUX can be used for the database server.

  4. Is it possible to run LINUX as the operating system on the application server?
    Yes, LINUX can be used for the application server.

  5. Does N-CORE NG support  PKI (Public Key Infrastructure)?
    Yes, ESG provides PKI support for N-CORE NG using X.509 certificates. This comprises SSL/TLS as well as client certificates.

  6. Is the N-CORE NG interface certified by SAP AG?
    Yes, the interface between N-CORE NG and SAP is certified for SAP ECC 6.0 and also for using UNICODE in the IDOCs.

  7. Is ALL data exchange with other participating nations carried out in the NADEX format via the NMBS, as stipulated in ACodP-1?
    All data exchange with other participating countries is carried out in the NADEX format via NMBS as specified in ACodP-1.

  8. Is it possible to load the H2/H6 and MRD data provided by DLIS?
    Yes, N-CORE NG has an import functionality, with which you can load the files, downloaded from the DLIS homepage, directly into the N-CORE database.

  9. Is it possible to load the FIIG data provided by DLIS?
    No, the FIIG data must be prepared and completed by ESG before it can be used in the system. The prepared files will be provided by ESG.

  10. Will translations be deliver extensive?
    No, ESG migrates the translations from the sources of the customers. The loaded data can then be maintained by the customer.

  11. Is N-CORE Secure?
    Yes, it is standard practice to secure N-CORE with https, which is an industry standard of Layer Security Encryption. Furthermore, our security is at the TOP of the industry. We work very closely with our Parent Company: Cyber Security Division, to assure N-CORE remains the Industry Leader. 

  12. Does ESG offer advanced levels of Security?
    Yes, Grid authentication is a method of securing user logins by requiring the user to enter values from specific cells in a grid whose content should be only accessible to him and the service provider - as known as Entrust Card, which is presently used by the NSPA to secure its Online Presents e.g. NABS. In addition, we offer Public Key Infrastructure (PKI): a set of roles, policies and procedures needed to create, manage, distribute, use, store, and revoke digital certificates and manage public key encryption.

  13. What about Training?
    We provide Industry Leading NCS and Material Codificaiton training that has been compared to by its attendees as the Best Courses the Industry has to offer. These course are conducted jointly with CMCA(UK), the United Kingdom's Leading Material Codifier.


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