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World Codification Forum 2017

60th Anniversary Of Allied Committee 135

01.11. 2016


World Codification Forum 201760th Anniversary Of Allied Committee 135 (1957-2017)

Connecting Global Logistics Through Technology

The theme of the third WCF is to look at the role and use of the Cohesive and connected NATO Codification System as a vital key enabler in the enhanced support of the Warfighter. The importance of Data Quality and technological integration within practical logistics actions cannot be underestimated.

Although the process of Codification is the preserve of specialist cataloguers within the logistics business, the end result forms the lifeblood of the relationship between business of supply and the end user. As a result, the NATO Codification System initiative to build up a common database and set of processes among the various nations and industry is a vital mechanism for the long term success of the logistics function.

The NATO Codification System uses a "language" enabling global identification of materiel and equipment, irrespective of the native tongue of the user. It gives nations the ability to identify and secure replacement parts quickly, manage their inventories and provide collateral support to partners, thereby ensuring the continuous availability of military capability. The System also reduces confusion over the naming of items by providing an extensive, definitive naming scheme.

Codification data is an information source with an open, single point of access to over 17 million NATO Stock Numbers associated with part references from 50 countries updated daily. It contains 37 million manufacturer part numbers and specifications, and 3 million registered suppliers and vendors.

The NATO Codification System will allow you to proactively identify sources of supply, supplier contact information, substitutes or alternative sources of supply and potential markets for the future.

The Forum will concentrate on improving the quality of supplier data by greater interconnectivity between all partners. The Forum is an opportunity for suppliers and customers to meet and exchange experiences and as such ultimately enable better material identification by those involved in the Logistics Chain.

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Who should attend?

With the invigorating mix of keynote speeches, interactive workshops, exhibition and social event, this Forum will be relevant to anyone – Decision-maker, Provider, Engineer, Logisticians, Soldier, Academic, Contracts or any their involved with the Supply Chain.












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