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CMCA(UK) deliver Codification Training to a Global Audience

Codification Training

17.07. 2017

CMCA(UK) recently delivered a suite of Codification training alongside ESG Elektoniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH at their head office in Furstenfeldbruck, Germany. Entitled ‘The Practicalities of Codification’, the course was designed to equip would-be Codifiers from across the globe with the knowledge and skills required to perform the skilled role.

The 5 day training concentrated on developing the core codification skills that are required for a Codifier to operate effectively within the NATO Codification System (NCS), delivered by CMCA(UK)’s Codification Director Gary Harman and ESG’s Herbert Klein, who between them have nearly 50 years of codification experience.

The course utilises ESG’s leading NATO Codification and Cataloguing Solution “N-CORE” and requires delegates to complete numerous challenging exercises, designed to give them the best insight into the day-to- day activities that they need to complete to enable them to operate effectively. On reflection of the week, CMCA(UK)’s Gary Harman comments;

“It was a really enjoyable week for both myself, Herbert and the 11 delegates. The feedback received was very positive and CMCA(UK) and ESG look forward to providing many more courses in the future.”

The course had a truly international audience with attendees from Germany, Greece, Malaysia and Oman. 

Please also reference: CMCA(UK): https://www.cmcauk.co.uk/codification_training_esg/










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